lundi 27 septembre 2010

PY live at Toyohashi - audio file

My last post before I take the plane back, but probably not the last update as I still have some unused material : here's a recording of our gig in Toyohashi, using only the mics of the Zoom (it's not mixed with the soundboard output). Pretty raw, and there are probably a lot of flaws, but still, a document :

the intro and beginning of "shiva only is god" are missing, then the setlist goes like that :

SHiva only is god
Suck My TV
Mothra Lady
Let's Build A Station In Space
Las Vegas 2060's
This is my body this is my gazoline
Gay Boys in bondage

No one to talk with

dimanche 26 septembre 2010

Sounds from Asakusa temple

Some serious stuff there ! To be honest, it's been recorded my fellow Polo (PY tour-manager) while I stayed at the hotel replying mail or something like that, but he did a very good job indeed, capturing a full religious ceremony (including ritual drumming), part of another, the sound of votive coin offerings and some other stuff...

no, that's not me, that's Polo, I told you, stoopid

Being no specialist of shintoism, I can't tell you much about the ritual aspects that are sonically depicted here ; but anyway, that's probably the most interesting batch of documents I got from Japan.
.wav files mp3 archive

Last day in Japan... I recorded most gigs yesterday night, maybe I'll upload these if I have some time left !

ok, some music, right ?

Whilewaiting in the backstages of Ell-Knot club in Toyohashi, I tried filtering a guitar played with my e-bow thru the nasty little filter of my monotron... Did three takes in three minutes, put them together, added some delay, and it's DRONE HELL !!!!! This is just a sound test, won't end up on an album, but well, this is a "music creation in process" blog after all.

here it is :

samedi 25 septembre 2010

Who wants more arcades ?

Ok, let's go for more arcade sounds ! This time no slot arcades, video games. Even noisier... Some files captured in Akihabara : .wav format mp3 archive

vendredi 24 septembre 2010

Slot arcades near Ueno / Jam session at Shibuya Ruby Room

Hey, boys and girls, you wanted noisy places ? Here we go ! I spent a bit of time recording what you hear inside and outside slot arcades (near Ueno). Tomorrow I'll try to do some Patchinko field recordings ! .wav format full mp3 archive

Later that day, or, more accurately, that night, I went to Shibuya Ruby Room to spin some records (along with StepH and Emmanuel of The Dead Sexy Inc and Kenzo A of Gabriels Stiletto), as part of the line-up of the Royal Cabaret Release afterparty. I entered the club just in time to see members of all the bands who had played previously (I missed the gigs) performing a quite chaotic jam session... I captured two songs out of this, can't say if these are covers or what, or exactly who played what ; but J-Rock amateurs could be interested...

(I was two songs later invited to perform "I wanna be your dog" with Kenzo on guitar, but, luckily, that wasn't taped.)

jeudi 23 septembre 2010

One night in Osaka

We spent two days on the road, driving from Tokyo to Osaka, doing a gig at King Cobra Club, then driving back to Tokyo under the rain. Osaka, from what I've seen, is an interesting city ; the streets around King Cobra are VERY animated, with only a few cars, so I captured some "street ambient" there (I know, I said I would stop street recordings, but Osaka has a strange sonic quality, really). There were also some big oil cans just outside the club, I did some (rather soft indeed) noise with these...
(full mp3 archive)

I also recorded the Punish Yourself and Dead Sexy Inc gigs. Both need a bit of mastering, and I'm not really sure if they are of any interest, really, except for rabid fans ; I'll think about it tomorrow... There was also quite a lot of filming which will eventually end up on youtube at some point.