dimanche 26 septembre 2010

Sounds from Asakusa temple

Some serious stuff there ! To be honest, it's been recorded my fellow Polo (PY tour-manager) while I stayed at the hotel replying mail or something like that, but he did a very good job indeed, capturing a full religious ceremony (including ritual drumming), part of another, the sound of votive coin offerings and some other stuff...

no, that's not me, that's Polo, I told you, stoopid

Being no specialist of shintoism, I can't tell you much about the ritual aspects that are sonically depicted here ; but anyway, that's probably the most interesting batch of documents I got from Japan.

.wav files
http://punishyourself.free.fr/fieldrecordingsjapan/asakusa_temple/asakusatemple.rar mp3 archive

Last day in Japan... I recorded most gigs yesterday night, maybe I'll upload these if I have some time left !

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