mercredi 15 septembre 2010

Packing my stuff !

Ok, so here are the pieces of gear I'm gonna take to Japan :
- crappy low-cost headphones (always useful)
- Microkorg synth (don't much like that one, but it's kinda light-weit, which makes a difference when you travel to the other side of the planet. And it has that funny gritty vocoder, too, sounds like shit but very noisy shit)
- AKG C585 mic
- Tascam soundcard
- e-bow (I'll have to ask one of my bandmates to lend me a guitar)
- Dementia noisebox (pretty unpredictable nasty little monster !)
- 2 Korg Monotrons (yeah, the monotron is a toy... but what a hell of a toy ! Killer filter to use on external sources, so easy to make it screeaaaaam)
- zoom H4N recording device (the ultimate weapon for field recordings)
- basic laptop. Didn't take a picture, even though it's quite essential in my set-up ; everybody knows what a laptop looks like.

This is a very "basic" noise-making system, but maybe I'll buy some pedals there to add to it... We'll see.

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