lundi 20 septembre 2010

Punish Yourself live in Japan - that's why I came after all

Yesterday - or, more accurately, early this morning, as we played by 4 AM - we played at the Marz club in Shinjuku ; other bands were Gabriels Stiletto (ex-Gadget), My Horror Revue (side-project of Royal Cabaret), The Dead Sexy Inc, Galaxy 500, plus two DJs (Sisen and the 13th moon singer, can't remember his DJ name right now). The place was PACKED, I can't believe they could put so much people in such a little club, and the show was a blast, even if we were very tired. Sadly, I couldn't record it, as I lost my zoom recorder (see previous post), but here's some video of the event, not the greatest video ever but it captures the spirit of the gig, I think.

The other bands were very cool, especially Gabriels Stiletto (, they have a HUGE sound and a very high level of musicianship ; don't know how to categorize their sound, but it's definitely dark and psychedelic. In some ways, but I may be wrong, it reminded of a very old japanese band, Flowers Travellin Band, who were some kind of insane japanese response to Black Sabbath...

And we met some really nice people, especially Mikito and U-Tarou of Baal, I really hope we can play together at some point !

some live pictures :

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