vendredi 17 septembre 2010

In Tokyo, at last !

From Toulouse to Amsterdam, then Amsterdam to Narita. A small plane then a big one ; airports of several size too. People, noises. I've been busy capturing ambient sounds with the Zoom, especially inside the planes. The roar of the motors, when filtered, will probably be a nice drone source... I'll keep you updated about that.

The hotel is not by any means what I would call a “luxury” place, but that’s not a problem ; I’ve been given a small single room where I’ve tried to organize my set-up as I could.Here's what it looks like :

By now I feel too tired to do anything else than organizing the files I've recorded and trying to free some free space on my main hard drive... Tomorrow will be noisier, I guess !

(by the way, another musical activity for today : been toying around with the monotron too. My bandmates already threatened several times to “kill me if I don’t fucking turn that fucking thing off”. As a conclusion : the Monotron DOES work. Imagine this on a big big big PA ? Sonic Attack, baby !)

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