dimanche 19 septembre 2010

Shit happens, sometimes.

While returning from our first japanese gig (at Christon Cafe, a really cool place if you wanna eat but not that cool to play gigs in) I lost one of my bags in the subway. It contained my faithfull Zoom recording device, which I had used previously to record very interesting street soundscapes... The only good news is I had already transfered these to my hard drive. But the Zoom is lost and I'm very angry at myself. Hope tomorrow will be better.

3 commentaires:

  1. The kind of shit that really gets on the nerves ... I feel sorry for you . Good thing you transfered the recorded sounds , though .

    Hope you guys met cool people at the gig .
    Best of luck for the next days to come in Japan !

  2. pas impossible du tout que la personne qui a trouvé ton sac l'ai rapporté aux mecs du train ou du métro. Ils vont demander le nom de la ligne , et à priori l'heure, un contact pour te joindre.
    Il y a une chance de le retrouver !!!
    des photos du concert à Tokyo?