mardi 14 septembre 2010

what is Tokyo Noise Diaries ?

Today is tuesday and I'm still in dirty old France. Thursday, I'll fly to Japan, for the first time of my life, taking with me some audio gear, in order to transform my Tokyo hotel-room into a home studio of sorts. I don't know exactly what kind of noise is going to be produced there, and by who apart me ; but this blog will try to document this process. I also intend to wander randomly in the city with my Zoom H4N to grab some fragments of the dense, noisy, tokyoite sonic sphere - field recordings, soundscapes, free-form interviews, recorded gigs, whatever. I'll try to post these documents on the blog if the internet connection works alright enough...

This is not a tourist blog, not even a musical tourist blog ; it's all about how we're gonna try to create something there, or maybe just work on some unfinished songs. I'm here with my band Punish Yourself and the 1969 Was Fine bass-player ; both projects are due to work on new material, so maybe it will be the occasion... The Dead Sexy Inc will also be here, will they step into my cave ? And japanese musicians, by the way, if I find some interested...

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  1. W E L C O M E T O T H E F U T U R ! ! !

    Ca me fait chier de vous rater à Tokyo, je suis rentré à Paris mardi...

    J'espere que vous aurez le temps de profiter de cette putain de megalopole dont je suis tombé accro (déjà 3 doses en 2 ans...)!


    Romy (Chanteur de La Machine... Festival des Giboulées..)