vendredi 24 septembre 2010

Slot arcades near Ueno / Jam session at Shibuya Ruby Room

Hey, boys and girls, you wanted noisy places ? Here we go ! I spent a bit of time recording what you hear inside and outside slot arcades (near Ueno). Tomorrow I'll try to do some Patchinko field recordings ! .wav format full mp3 archive

Later that day, or, more accurately, that night, I went to Shibuya Ruby Room to spin some records (along with StepH and Emmanuel of The Dead Sexy Inc and Kenzo A of Gabriels Stiletto), as part of the line-up of the Royal Cabaret Release afterparty. I entered the club just in time to see members of all the bands who had played previously (I missed the gigs) performing a quite chaotic jam session... I captured two songs out of this, can't say if these are covers or what, or exactly who played what ; but J-Rock amateurs could be interested...

(I was two songs later invited to perform "I wanna be your dog" with Kenzo on guitar, but, luckily, that wasn't taped.)

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